I am Gentle, friendly, hard working, and easy to deal with. Message me!

My images can be found in countless web sites, magazines, trade show materials, advertisements, articles, and more.  I have worked for models, agencies, Boxing, Wrestling, Event Planners, Bands, Celebrities, and so much more. I have worked with Amateur, Professional, and, Super-Models, seen in media outlets such as FHM, MAXIM, TV, PLAYBOY, RADIO, and other media outlets.

I am fully equipped with professional gear, ready to capture whatever you need. Gigs are priced on a case by case basis. I will always be fair, and do my best to workout a deal that we are both comfortable with.

*You CAN afford to work with me*

I shoot Pets Too!: That's right. I WILL shoot your DOG, CAT, LIZARD, TURTLE, ETC. My animal photo's have appeared in hundreds of products & Books world wide. Your Best friend, deserves a little pampering. 

I am a fully capable professional photo editor, video producer, and editor. I can create virtually any form of media available today. Just ask!

I LOVE to shoot PARTIES & EVENTS: I am also available to shoot on location. If you have a party, event, or any occasion, in need of great images, I will come and shoot the event. Shooting 100% digital means I will not place ANY limit to the amount of shots I take. I will shoot as much as it takes to get everything you desire and provide you with ALL the images on CD or DVD for an hourly rate, or day rate. NO your Job is not to small. MESSAGE ME. :)